BueSkys Beauty™ is more than a brand, it is a way of life. High quality, ethical and sustainable products that help you recharge and renew naturally.
Kristina Shea, founder BlueSkys Beauty
From Founder
It is all about your "why". Why are you here? What is your purpose when you get up for the day? Why do you work where you do and live the way you do? What is your "Y"?
Kristina Shea
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Meet The Founder
After a life-long career in corporate America, devastating losses and health challenges in her life, Kristina Shea was ready for change. She founded her passion project “BlueSkys Beauty ™ ”. BlueSkys Beauty is a clean, plant-powered beauty brand to help you feel beautiful inside out — “Beautiful Made Well ™ ”

Kristina’s mission is to help women “Step into their skin”, with confidence and embrace their “beautiful” at all ages, sizes.

Kristina has her own story — she has been widowed twice, experienced personal and financial loss and raised her young daughter as a single mother and single income earner. High stress was becoming “her normal” and affected her overall health. After collapsing in the downtown Toronto Financial District at work one day, Kristina was later diagnosed with a brain cyst; experiencing vision loss and debilitating migraines which affected her life in every way.

She also experienced stress induced skin conditions from painful dry, itchy skin, to embarrassing red rashes and breakouts. Through a friend, Kristina discovered the power of CBD as a way to reduce her use of painkillers — she then also started experimenting using CBD oil on her skin. She personally found CBD combined with unique plant blends helped sooth and soften her skin — while reducing the ugly rashes. Kristina saw her skin transforming from red and puffy to a healthy glow. She literally and figuratively began to “step into her skin” with confidence.

Kristina also began incorporating holistic wellness including yoga, meditation and healthy eating into her daily life which provided her on a journey to discover a “new normal” and personal quality of life. Kristina is a passionate advocate, speaker and educator for medical cannabis to support women’s health and has spoken at many venues across Canada as well as in the Caribbean educating both doctors and the general public.  With this personal health journey, and during the unprecedented pandemic, Kristina started up a wellness and beauty company “BlueSkys Beauty™”, which is focused on women’s holistic natural health & wellness.

Clean, plant-powered ingredients, sustainability and inclusivity are key to the BlueSkys Beauty ™ brand mantra — Beautiful made well™ In addition, to her business endeavours, Kristina is passionate about driving
positive change for women socially and professionally around the globe. Kristina also works with groups to promote equality and equity for women — and helps to break-down barriers, stigmas and discrimination for the LGBTQ community.

The "Y" in BlueSkys

Why is BlueSkys Life™ spelt with a “Y”, you may be thinking? Is it a typo? It is spelt with the “Y” for a reason.

Our founder Kristina believes it is all about your “why”. Why are you here? What is your purpose when you get up for the day? Why do you work where you do and live the way you do?

BlueSkys Life™ is all about the “Y”. We are a purpose-led brand — which embraces inclusivity, enlightenment, and sustainability in their products, services and content. From down to the clean ingredients to the strategic partners that we work with.

What is your “Y”?

All Skin Types

BlueSkys Beauty offers something for all skin types – from sensitive, oily, dry to combination skin infused formulations

Pure + Clean Ingredients

All our ingredients are clean — including our HEMP CBD which are verified & traceable with our QR code system on each product

Innovative Science

BlueSkys Beauty utilizes innovative technologies to continually elevate nature and efficacy


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